How would you like the challenge of running around Australia.......virtually?? RUN DOWN UNDER, is all about YOUR journey, as you join an event that will keep you motivated, inspired and engaged for many years. Set your own goals each week, month and year, as you follow our interactive map around Australia.
Join thousands of like minded runners and walkers, as you Run Down Under.

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Record your runs using Strava, GPS, Smartphone, via treadmill results, race results and more

Compete for multiple years and see how long it will take you to Run the 14,080km around Australia

Every major location reached on your journey, you receive a souvenir to acknowledge your performance

Run Down Under has donated $9,855 to a variety of charities through our Clubs rewards program.

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Register online for an annual payment, and join thousands of others to virtually run across all the states of Australia. By joining up, you will be able to track your efforts, view your weekly results and become part of the RUN DOWN UNDER community with access to competitions, updates and motivation to keep you going!

Member Profiles

Each month we will profile a new member so you can see how far they've come and what keeps them running! Check out the Member's section for regular member profiles.